We’re all family here

The Soul behind the lens of Sol Flower Photography

Inclusive Wedding Photographer

My Story

My people are deeply connected to the meaning of the word, resilience. That’s why you’re here, reading this right now.

Photography found me when I didn’t know I needed it, more specifically, love. 

Moments that bring such a profound sense of emotion. Once I began working with more and more diverse couples, I realized why I was called to be behind the camera. I found myself, I found autonomy, I found family. Through my endeavors I finally worked up the courage to come out as queer (about fucking time) to my family and closest friends, then publicly. Serving the LGBTQIA+ couples of the world has been my greatest honor after coming out in my later years. I realized just how important having a community of acceptance truly impacts your life, your mental health and overall well-being. Representation is more than just pretty images, it’s a feeling of empowerment, acceptance and pride. I’ve proudly served lovers that feeling since 2019.

All my love, Alyssa

We resonate together with what has broken us because without it, we wouldn’t be here. We’ve risen through adversity, the worst experiences of our lives and celebrate the hell out of the present because of it. Clients like you hold such a special place in my heart and creating a deeper connection outside of servicing you, makes you a part of my chosen family. I’m so happy that you are here and I’m wrapping my arms around you, virtually of course.

You’ve had the cards stacked against you. Where adversity, resilience and fighting for your right to be treated as an equal is the songbird of your existence. 

The life I have now, is a literal dream come true. You and countless other lovers have helped contribute to that, I’m so grateful. Connection with yourself and others is a spiritual journey that you deserve to celebrate, feel supported in. On your own terms and your own path. Wherever you may be in your own journey, we have crossed paths for a reason. I look forward to being a part of watching you blossom and documenting the beauty in between.

Your Story

“Love stories that haven’t walked the easy road in life, that’s my shit”


my art

Fun Shit

I looove memes, dirty jokes and anything witchy. 

I’m a crystal loving, nordic pagan who would happily wander the woods foraging for things to add to my altar lol

My passion is watching my twin girls grow and being the best fucking mom I can be

I’ve been in the military, so that was fun

I am a fierce ass leo if you haven’t noticed by now 

Yes, I am that BASIC pumpkin spice lover

Always ready for one hell of a margarita

Any day of the week, you can find my wanderlust ass conjuring up the perfect outdoor experience with coffee ALWAYS in hand 

Fiercely adventurous, passionate, and reliable

I used to be PacSun and Hot Topic’s top shopper back in the day

I’m a fuckin baddie who is obsessed with iridescent everything, rainbows and checkered androgyny

Sounds gay? I’m in.

- M

"Alyssa is a pleasure to work with!"

"They are communicative, personal, funny, and passionate about what they do. If you're looking for someone who will encourage you to have fun and be yourself in front of the camera, Alyssa should be your go to!"

- B

"Working with Alyssa was a dream!"

"Alyssa and her team are truly heaven-sent. We needed the perfect team, queer-friendly, experts in the field, and personable… and did Sol Flower deliver! Each member of the team makes you feel special and they are willing to help you meet your needs for your special event."

- J

"We absolutely loved our session with Alyssa."

"She has a kind soul and an eye for magic. We are blown away at our photos and the way our love was captured so perfectly!"

Lover’s Words

Let’s do this!

Out here vibin’ and thrivin’, ready to meet you.