4 Ways to Find THE Spot

As a photographer your prime location will ALWAYS depend on your vision that you have decided on with your client. News flash, that’s why they hired you. To bring THEIR vision to life. So clients and potential clients of photographer’s, listen up. This one is for Y O U.

When you don’t have a specific vision in mind for your photos, it’s SO hard to help give a little guidance on picking your location. That’s what you hire a photographer to do, right? They’re the experts, right? Yes and no. We’re great at honing in on locations, scenery and eye-catching landscapes that speak to US. More specifically, our ideal clients and what is “on-brand” for US. So how do you ensure that they will find the best spots that feel like YOU when you aren’t too sure yourself? Let me give you a few tips from a photographer who has navigated these situations one too many times.

  1. Take a moment to think about what landscapes you love MOST. The ones that FEEL like you to an absolute “T”. What do they look like? What do they SOUND like? What’s the temperature? What colors do you see? Write down everything!
  2. Go on Pinterest. Create a board for inspiration and start searching a few keywords that relate to #1 and throw in some words like, “couples, intimate, romance,” and of course use “photoshoot” or something of the sort. These will be your foundation of what your vision is.
  3. Read up on some of the locations that you find in your inspiration board. Are they local? Do you have similar options locally? If not, do you want to travel to achieve this vision? (Pro tip: use the All Trails app to look for local hikes/scenery!) Keep tabs on anything local or abroad that you find that meet those key things you’re looking for.
  4. THEN, and only THEN, will you go looking for your photographer.

“But Alyssa, why do I pick my photographer LAST?” Because I said so, DUH! Kidding of course, however, it’s so important that you’ve taken the time to comb through these tidbits BEFORE talking to your photographer. Trust me, they will ask you alllll of these questions and then some when they’re trying to serve you. So coming prepared helps take the guesswork out of it and we know that we are working together, in lock step, bringing your vision to life.

Although this post is on the shorter side, I will be expanding on this. You need to know how to find the perfect photographer after figuring out the location or vision you have in mind, right? AbsoLUTELY. Don’t fret love bug, I got you. Save this post for later and keep your eyes out for how to pick your photographer!

As always my loves, thank you so much for joining me here and reading along. I hope that this has helped you and if you think someone else might love this or need to give it a read, share it! I’ll be seeing you soon!

xo, Alyssa

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